Learning piano has never been easier.

Many beginners have trouble putting notes together that sound good and
learning to play songs is incredibly difficult. With KEYBOARD, it doesn't have to be.

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Learn on an actual piano

Gone are the days of learning from sheet music or a youtube video. Now you can use an actual piano to learn and improve rapidly.

Eliminate the need for in person lessons

Piano teachers and lessons are expensive, by using KEYBOARD for Hololens, learning has never been easier.

Interact directly with your lessons

With Hololens, you can see exactly what keys to press and what notes are coming through the holograms imposed on the keyboard.

Our Team

  • Hayoun Oh

    Hayoun is a senior computer science and dance major UW. She is excited to be a part of KEYBOARD, since combining art with technology is a passion of hers.

  • Josh Cheng

    Josh is a computer science major and entrepreneurship minor at UW. In his spare time, Josh loves gaming and is very excited to work with AR.

  • Seokmin Kim

    Seokmin is a senior computer science major at UW. He is super excited to begin learning to play piano with KEYBOARD.

  • Matt Robinson

    Matt is a senior computer science major at UW. He loves sports, traveling, and playing the piano in his spare time

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